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American Students Experience Kayseri, Turkey

Turkey 1

By Miranda K., YES Abroad 2012-2013, Turkey

Originally, Hana S. (a fellow YES Abroad student here in Kayseri) and I had a joke of taking pictures looking as bored as possible when we were doing the most interesting and extraordinary things during our exchange in Turkey. After just a few successful shots we either completely forgot, or couldn’t bring ourselves to feign boredom amongst the fun of shopping in bazaars, making and eating Turkish food, touring 3rd century underground cities, romping around in the countryside, exploring abandoned Armenian Churches and ancient cave houses, traveling to Ankara and Kapadokya, learning a foreign language, riding camels… the list goes on.

Convincing bored faces were not only hard to achieve when we couldn’t contain our happiness, but also do an incredible injustice to the amazing experience we are having here! We really can’t thank the U.S. Department of State enough for making it all possible.