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Corey Learns by Teaching

Mas Hart Corey Diwali

A few months into his exchange, Corey found an opportunity to engage in his community. He began teaching English at a local school for displaced Rohingya children. Once a week, after his own school let out, he would work with two classes. Yet, it may have been Corey who learned the most; while assisting with their teaching, he was able to further the spirit of exchange through learning more about the students.

Mas Hart Corey Volunteering W Rohingya 2

Ten-year-old student, Hairun, often finds Corey after class. This is when Hairun often talks about how life in Malyasia is different. Hairun has even taught Corey a few words in the Rohingya language.  Fatima, age eight, is another student of his has a penchant for writing. “She’s very focused,” Corey says “everything she writes is perfect.” Fikri is one of his oldest students. He has often observed her kindness and her willingness to help. “When she is finished with the work I have given the class, she will immediately turn to help the other students and write translations of complicated passages on the board in Malay.”   

Corey has been inspired through this experience and may continue to pursue teaching. He reflects, “I believe that in an increasingly globalized world, education is a key to understanding and negotiating with people from other cultures and backgrounds while maintaining the unique and thriving cultures that exist.”