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Getting to Know Thailand, Virtually


By Arushi G., Virtual YES Abroad 2020-2021, Thailand

When I was first accepted into the YES Abroad program to Thailand, I was both very happy and also about a bit nervous. I am so glad I kept an open mind as we shifted into virtual activities, because I have enjoyed it immensely so far!


Before the first day of the virtual program, I learned how to “wai” and greet people in Thai. (The “wai” is a slight bow with the palm of the hands pressed together.) Throughout the program, my Thai language skills have grown from basic greetings to being able to read a paragraph at a time. I am thankful to my teachers, advisors, and Thai friends for encouraging me and for teaching me their language. In addition to learning the basics of the Thai language, I have learned about Thailand’s culture and food. I have really enjoyed being able to meet with a wonderful group of peers from Thailand and discuss with them Thailand and the Thai culture and lifestyle.

I have learned so much about Thailand so far, and I can't wait to see what the remainder of my virtual abroad experience brings