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January Instagram Highlights!

Yes Abroad Insta Graohic

During the month of January, YES Abroad students explored new cities, celebrated Makar Sankranti and Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and showed off their cooking skills! Check out what the YES Abroad students are up to and make sure to visit the YES Abroad Instagram for more highlights!



In January, YES Abroad students in Senegal visited Thiès, a small city near Dakar. The students were hosted by local families and had the opportunity to show off their American cooking skills by making mac and cheese, baked potatoes, buffalo chicken dip, and blondies for a Christmas meal!⁣



On January 15, YES Abroad student, Lydia, celebrated Mankar Sankrati with her host family in India. 

Makar Sankranti marks the transition from winter to summer, honoring agriculture as well as cultivating wisdom and clarity of mind. Though Makar Sankranti celebrations vary regionally, kite flying is often the most emblematic custom.



YES Abroad students in Morocco visited the beautiful Al Madrassa Al Mariniya campus in Salé. The students learned about the architecture of the school and about the religious and law courses offered at the institution. 



YES Abroad students in Bulgaria recently gathered in Plovdiv for an experiential learning activity -- taking part in the closing weekend of the city’s turn as the EU’s European Capital of Culture. While in Plovdiv, students learned about the oldest city in Bulgaria’s history and architecture styles from across the world from Stockholm to Alexandria.

Bosnia and Herzegovina


In honor of Martin Luther King Junior Day, YES program alumni from Bosnia and Herzegovina, local high school students, and YES Abroad students from Sarajevo met to discuss Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and watch the movie “Selma”. This educational experience brought together people from across the local community in Bosnia and Herzegovina to discuss the Civil Rights Movement and its importance in American history.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣YES Abroad students represent the diversity and uniqueness of the United States and have the opportunity to share their America with host communities while on exchange.

Stay tuned for instagram highlights next month!