For Educators

International experience is more important now than ever before to be successful in our interdependent world. Participation in the YES Abroad program provides a unique scholarship experience to American high school students to build global awareness and intercultural competency. The skills that participants acquire enrich not only their lives, but the lives of their peers both inside and outside of the classroom. You can learn about the experiences of participants during and after their YES Abroad year through their impact stories and testimonials.

YES Abroad appreciates the important role that educators play in fostering interest in global issues and encouraging students to participate in opportunities that expand their world. YES Abroad is grateful for the support that educators provide to students in their pursuit of knowledge of the world around them, both before and after their study abroad experience.

Educators are encouraged to spread awareness of YES Abroad to their schools and students. If you know any students who may be good candidates for a YES Abroad scholarship, nominate them using the form below. We will follow up by sending you and the nominee information about how to apply for the program. You can also request materials and more information about the YES Abroad program.

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