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February Instagram Highlights!

Four images of YES Abroad participants from February IG posts
The Bosnia and Herzegovina cohort smiling under stone arch in a traditional town

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Over the weekend, the Bosnia and Herzegovina cohort visited a high school in the town of Žepče to present to local students and participants of the LEAD program, administered by the U.S. Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina. YES Abroad participants shared information about the YES program, their home states, and their experiences in Bosnia and Herzegovina so far, ending everything with a coffee session. YES Abroad participants then had the opportunity to visit the town of Maglaj to explore the 14th-century medieval fortress and the Sukijja Mosque, dating back 500 years.

Students smiling in theater hallway in front of a cardboard cutout


Movie time! The Jordan cohort recently got to visit Amman's Rainbow Theater to catch the premiere of "Saleem," a new film that spotlights Jordan's culture of storytelling. This story covers a modern representation of childhood, diversity, and refugees in the country.

Caroline smiling in front of a table filled with painted, ceramic, Moroccan plates, jars, and tagines


To research traditional styles of Moroccan ceramics, Caroline from the 22-23 Morocco cohort and her language partner visited various towns, including Safi - the pottery capital!

Colored pencil drawing of five portraits over a map of Senegal with a train in the background


This year’s Black History Month national theme is “African Americans and the Arts.” It is a time to celebrate and recognize the influence African American artists have had on music, visual art, dance, and more.

YES Abroad participant Lauryn in Senegal shared her own art—a beautiful self-portrait illustrating her experience in Senegal as an African American abroad. She reflected, “Being in Senegal put me in the shoes of someone who is very different, yet similar to me. As an African-American in an African country, l’ve learned a lot about the history of my culture and where some parts of it derives from, especially when it comes to clothing and cuisine. For example, beignets and foods similar to gumbo—they are very popular in both Senegal and the U.S. I can see first-hand how Senegalese dishes influenced soul food.”

Group selfie on a street in front of a staircase


Students in Türkiye recently enjoyed an orientation in Izmir! In addition to reflective and training sessions, and social activities, students enjoyed learning about Izmir, a city of importance going back to even before the Ottoman Empire.