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March Instagram Highlights!

Four images of YES Abroad participants in their host countries from March IG posts
Student smiling with his host parents outside of a mosque

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina participant Benji and his host family went to the local mosque last week for a teravija (tarawih) prayer, performed every evening during Ramadan, the holy month of fasting, prayer, and introspection in the Islamic faith. Benji and other YES Abroad participants are learning about and taking part this month in many ways—sometimes by attending prayers, fasting, and eating special meals with their host families and friends.

Metal dish of Indian street foods


Alisa, hosted in India, recently shared with us this lovely dish of street foods she enjoyed from the famous Paranthe wali Gali, or 'Street of Flatbread,' in Old Delhi!

Group photo of the ultimate frisbee team in front of the championship banner


Big congrats to Evan and his team in India for reaching the Semi-Finals of the National Frisbee Championships!

Elsa smiling with three classmates, all in Senegalese traditional wear


Senegal participant Elsa celebrated Mardi Gras this year at her school. Her class chose the theme “traditional wear” and enjoyed the music, dancing, and performances (including dancers with elaborate outfits and face paint called “simbs” or “fake lions” who mischievously chased the crowd afterwards!). Elsa shared, “Since Mardi Gras is the last day before Lent, some Christians trade food to celebrate. My host family’s neighbor gave us crepes to have with dinner. “ A delicious way to wrap up Fat Tuesday.