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December Instagram Highlights!

Three images of YES Abroad participants from December IG posts

During the month of December, YES Abroad students deepened their exploration of their host countries' cultures, traditions, and landscapes!

YES Abroad students dancing in a line in Jordan


The Jordan cohort recently got to learn about the country’s traditional dance, dabke. These hands-on experiences are a great way to better understand the host community and build connections that transcend language barriers. And yes, they’ve mastered some impressive dance moves along the way!

YES Abroad participant pouring tea in Morocco


Tea! The Morocco cohort has a lot to share on what they learned about Moroccan hospitality, gatherings, and community. Here’s to the connections and shared experiences that await in 2024!

YES Abroad students riding on camels in Senegal


Last month, the Senegal cohort had the opportunity to explore Lac Rose (“Pink Lake”) by camelback! They learned why the water looks pink (algae and LOTS of salt—even more than the Dead Sea!) and even got a chance to take a dip and enjoy its buoyancy.