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February Instagram Highlights!

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During the month of February, YES Abroad celebrated Black History Month and shared activities from YES Abroad students including benefit concerts, excursions and learning how to sew. Visit the YES Abroad Instagram for more highlights!

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YES Abroad students visited La Grande Mosqueé de Touba, a mosque where millions of people from across Senegal and Africa make an annual religious pilgrimage. When the students visited, they were able to admire the incredible architecture and learn about the mosque’s history. ⁣

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YES Abroad students in Morocco went to a tailor to cut and sew their own school tabliers. Tabliers are white coats that Moroccan students and teachers wear over their clothes as a part of a uniform dress code.

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Ayana in Ghana stayed busy during February! Whether cooking with her host mom, visiting the market, or her daily bus rides to school- Ayana has embraced them all as opportunities to dive deeper into aspects of her host culture while also strengthening her relationships and practicing Twi. 

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YES Abroad Student Haylee in the Philippines attended a benefit concert for for the victims of Taal volcano. 

"Through my sixth month adventure of being a foreign exchange student thus far, basking for a cause is my favorite small victory. Living in the Philippines during this time of tragedy as the Taal volcano is displacing families and affecting the lifestyles of those in southern Luzon, I am honored to have been able to be apart of something that gives back to my host country in spite of living in an area that isn’t affected at all. The crazy thing is that I use to be scared of singing in front of people. My Dad would constantly ask me, and I would repeatedly let my shy side kick in. However, being able to study abroad has really given me a new perspective on the power of saying yes. So when on a spree of just going to the busking event to listen to the music, I couldn’t say no to performing a song to help raise money for those in need. As for me, it isn’t a choice to help, it’s a duty for all who have the ability."