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Traditional Omani Dress Making

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YES Abroad Student: Linden Wicinas, YES Abroad 2014-2015, Oman

Capstone Project: Traditional Omani Dress Making

Linden chose to study traditional Omani dress; after researching dress styles from three different regions, Linden made three dresses from scratch.

Oman traditional dress is quickly evolving and simultaneously being replaced by the abaya (a long black long-sleeved robe, seen as being popularized in Saudi Arabia). All fashion evolves, this is nothing new, but Oman's historical costume is barely recognized within Oman and not at all outside of the country. Linden hoped to increase the recognition of historical traditional Omani dress. She argued that Oman as a whole will become more relatable and tangible if girls and boys can see and touch these outfits. Linden noted that it is important to remember that fashion history does not stop with Western Civilization, but is in fact found all over the world.

Linden’s capstone involved making three traditional dresses from different regions of Oman and creating a PowerPoint presentation detailing her process to share her work with others. Linden chose to make a Lawati, a Rustaq and a Sharqiyah dress. She purchased the proper material to replicate the dresses in the most authentic way possible. Linden plans to tour local elementary, middle, and high schools in her U.S. home town in Western Massachusetts and speak to students about Oman, focusing on both traditional and contemporary dress.